Data experts of E-sports and sports events
Comprehensive coverage of various data
Comprehensive support for multiple devices
Comprehensive assistance with various services
The technical team is open all year round
Various supporting products
Provide precise service
throughout the year
24/7 technical team / design team / data team to protect your data
Product team
Technical team
Trader team
Operation team
Data team
Copywriting team
Professional event data solution provider
As the world's leading esports and sports real-time data and statistics company. We focus on providing stable, timely and comprehensive real-time scores, game data and source code development services for developers in the e-sports and sports industries.
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Real-time data
index data
Sports betting data
winning rate data (real-time)
live video data
SDK embedded products (live animation)
More comprehensive device end/multilingual coverage
One-click quick access to all data, providing support for up to 20 different national languages. Compatible with PC / H5 / APP at the same time, allowing your customers to watch events in any environment.
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English / Vietnamese / Chinese / Thai / Indonesian / Indian etc.
Diversified Service
It can be improve the conversation of your website. Build up a website in 7 days, it can be save much time. At the same time, we provide Google SEO / SEM / TIKTOK / FACEBOOK and other overseas mainstream social media advertising campaign and channel services,and build a self-media matrix of our own brand.
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APP launch
brand promotion
operation and maintenance association
product consultation
website construction
sales service
Full coverage of all competitions
around the world, with an average of 500+ daily
competitions, including major top competitions
Professional&high stability
Professional, high stability, cooperate with more than 50 enterprise customers
We able to provide a professional products and
technical guidance in e-sports and sports
industries.Get with us, you may get one week
free trial.Please fill in your information, and we
will contact you immediately and provide services
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